Videos, Photos, & Audio

Photos and Audio: Finding/Citing

Places to Find Public Domain or Creative Commons Photos

Even though photos are available all over the internet, we do not have the right to use these images without permission.  To encourage digital citizenship, we have compiled a list of sites where you can find images where the creator has given his/her permission for anyone to use their work. On these sites, look for images that are labeled “public domain” or “creative commons”.  


Public Domain:Creative Commons
(sometimes written CC Zero) :
No one owns or controls the
material. Public domain includes
any content without copyright. 
It is free for use by anyone.
allows the copyright holder
to place works in the public
domain to the extent legally possible. 


If you use photos from the sites below, you must still CITE your sources.

HOW TO CITE A PHOTOGRAPH: Please see Purdue Owl MLA site

  • Search for your image
  • On the right-hand side, look at license options and limit according to image use/requirements.
  • Type in your search term and go to settings (top bar)
  • Do an advanced search
  • Scroll down to usage rights (bottom left) and click free to use, share, modify — even commercially)
  • View page to confirm license
  • Look for the logo  CC = creative commons license
  • Can search in multiple languages
  • Caution:  first line that comes up in results are sponsored images — you can’t use these
  • Check the photo for CC  Creative Commons license
  • You are limited to downloading the small size without an account  (DO NOT MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL)
  • When you download from Photos for Class, the citation information is automatically added at the bottom or the photo
  • The licenses on this site are all different, so be sure to choose a photo that is in the public domain or is marked Creative Commons

Look for the words “Public Domain” below the photo. (extra info about their policies and links to images)

Additional choices can be found here: 12 Good Places to Find Creative Commons & Public Domain Images

Some information presented here is from: Byrne, Richard. “How to Find Public Domain and Creative Commons Images.” Free Technology for Teachers, Byrne Instructional Media, LLC, 22 Dec. 2015. 


How to Cite a Photo

MLA Citation format:

APA Format


Green Screen

Would you like to create a Green Screen video?  We have a green screen located in the LLC Workroom that is available for class reservations.  We also have iPads with the DoInk app that will help you create your project.  
Here is a link to the DoInk reference sheets with step-by-step instructions:  DoInk Green Screen app instructions
If you’d rather watch a video for instruction, here are two links for you: How to use the Green Screen App by DoInk
Green Screen Do Ink Walkthrough